My Journey

What? No pictures???

This is a rough starting morning. I may have gotten 3 or so hours of sleep. We will see how the rest of the day goes. I have goals that I wish to accomplish today. Take down and put away the Christmas decorations. We usually do that on the 1st but this year has already been odd. Mom barely slept either – she has finally fallen asleep and it’s 8am. We are totally going to be off schedule today. Oh well.

I have my Golden Milk to start my morning off.  I’ve upped the amount of turmeric spices to ¾ of a teaspoon, we shall see how that goes. I decided to increase the amount of the spice mixture because my hands were stiffening and my knees were locking up. I have decided to add blackstrap molasses to my morning routine. Need that boost of energy it provides. I’ve also been inspired to make a new smoothie from Honeysuckle on YouTube. If it works out, I’ll share the recipe and the picture.  J


Well, today turned out differently than intended. I got a few things accomplished (not nearly as much as needed to be done). We are coming into pollen season with the cedar trees. My reaction to this is known as Cedar Fever. Not fun! I lose almost all energy and compulsion to do anything, such as eat. I know I drank a good amount of water and a couple of glasses of iced coffee. I remember eating a Frito Pie. Yes, it was vegan. But took no pictures. I’m sorry. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

Speaking of tomorrow, I get to pick up my suburban from the shop. It didn’t cost as much as we thought it would, which we are extremely grateful for. Apparently, the starter was completely shot to the lower regions of hell. So, tomorrow I get to get him inspected and then get the tags.  No more having to depend on others. I get to go dumpster diving again on my time. Get to run errands when I need to. Get to take my mom and my sister to their respective appointments. It will be such a blessing (knocking on wood) to have my Teddy back.

That was today. I’m going to turn in early. Beat this Cedar Fever before it hits me. Peace and blessings to you all.


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