My Journey

A Picture & A Link…OH MY!

Finally fell asleep somewhere around 2:30 this morning. Did not sleep well because I couldn’t breathe. Now where is that recipe for my tea for when I start getting Cedar Fever? I need to find it and quick. Having difficulty staying awake which makes it difficult to do my job. LOL  I’m sure that y’all understand that part.

I drank my Golden Milk this morning. Yay me!

So, at about 10:30 I finally ate something. Buffalo Potatoes & Chickpeas. Yummy. Wish I had more, but not pushing it. Oh, and having a half of a mug of coffee and a piece of bread. Yep – Eat what the body wants when you have no energy to cook. Lol

Let’s talk about something else. Something that I’ve been considering for some time. Home. In my case, what type of home will I be looking for and getting when I move to Colorado (that won’t be happening for another year). I love the idea of a tiny home but I have 3 dogs (my mom will be keeping the two eldest ones and hers when I move). Three 55# dogs in a tiny home. Might not be a reasonable idea. Then while watching a video put out by @LivingBiginaTinyHouse on YouTube I came across so many ideas. Ideas that got me to thinking about some property that I saw for sale in southern Colorado that had a few acres and a big enough residence that gave a communal vibe. Enough property to do what I wish to do (grow my own food and teach others the way of eating more healthfully and using herbs/spices for medicinal as well as culinary usage. More than enough property to create spaces where others who have tiny homes can come and park and live for as long as they want/need. Yeah, this could work. What do y’all think?

The idea of a tiny home has always fascinated me. Talk about getting closer to a zero-waste life. Something on wheels that I could take wherever and still give me the feeling of home. Not an RV – those do not feel like home. They feel temporary. I feel like that about mobile homes, as well. On this YouTube channel, the host also interviewed a man that built a tiny home – cave style! Now that… that is fascinating. Here’s the link if you are interested in it.

Now, I shall leave you with the picture of my meals for the day. Yes, the Golden Milk picture is the same as before. Guess what? Golden Milk is a staple in my morning. I’ll be adding black strap molasses soon. Peace, my friends.



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