My Journey


Today was colder than a witch’s nose. Unless you are a witch and are out in the freezing temperature, of which I’m sure never reached above freezing. Today’s lesson? Coping without. The reason behind this lesson is the fact that for some reason our heater will not light. I think I found the problem but I don’t want to mess it up so I’m getting a second opinion. I am so grateful that we have some space heaters. So long as my mom and sister (who can’t handle the cold as well as I can) each have one. We have one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. Woo-Hoo!

Next thing I’m grateful for is the fact that my vehicle is working. My neighbor needed me to go and pick up a prescription that the doctor called in to the pharmacy. I was able to do that for her and it made me very happy. I like being able to do things for the people that I care about. Makes me feel good. Food, today, was not an easy thing for me. I didn’t really wish to eat anything but I knew I needed to so that my strength would stay up and I could accomplish some things (even though all I wanted was to sleep).

My usual start to the morning was my Golden Milk. Hint folks, don’t use original anything. Use the vanilla flavored non-dairy milk. I never chugged that thing so fast in my life. LOL  I also added the black strap molasses drink to the mix today and I’m most positive that it helped to keep my energy up throughout the day (I didn’t even take a nap). Those two beverages and some avocado toast – that was the highlight of my day. It wasn’t until I was going through my pictures that I remembered what I had for lunch and it took me some time to actually want to eat my dinner (good soup, though).

We are having a touch of financial strain due to getting the car repaired and legal to drive. I was hoping that we wouldn’t but we did. I’ve attempted to create a budget several times and those do not seem to work out. Not with this family, that is. I have a feeling that once we are all on our own that sticking to a budget will not be a problem. That and menus. Tomorrow is another day and I really need to take advantage of that and update the checkbook. Such fun! LOL

I leave you with a picture of my meals for the day. I wish you all peace and prosperity in all aspects of your life.



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