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These past three days have been super hectic and yet so lazy all at the same time. I’m such a homebody that going out is just too much work for me. What do you do when that happens to you? Me? I grouse about being out and having to go do things until I actually do them. When I’m actually running my errands or out with friends, it gets better. I get into a better mood and fun is had by all.

My meals have been sporadic so actually keeping track and taking pictures has not been easy. Heck the only picture I remember taking is of my salad that I had for lunch yesterday and the one I had for lunch today. I really must start eating breakfast again. Not just my Golden Milk, molasses lemonade (for lack of a better name) and my coffee. Well, I did have oatmeal today so that helps.

One of the things that we did this weekend is went out for my sister’s birthday. She had Wingstop (yep, she still eats meat) and mom and I ate Chipotle. My first time ever eating there and it was so easy to eat vegan! They were so sweet. We told them it was our first time there and they comped our drinks. How sweet is that? I had a rice bowl with beans, sofritas, fajita spiced veggie blend, pico de gallo and guacamole. So yum! Enough for two meals. Oh hey – that was my lunch and dinner for Sunday. LOL

Later we went to one of our favorite resale shops, Goodwill! I got a few things and we found a small run for our hallway! I am so glad that a lot of people see fit to donate rather than to toss items in a landfill. Now if only more people would do that. I also found me a couple of tops and a cover-up for this summer. I got a pair of mukluk slippers but they turned out to be too big so I gave them to my sister. She likes them a lot! Yay! The last place we stopped to shop was Aldi. I need a few grocery items for this #LoveChardSaladChallenge that I’m doing from and I was grateful that I found some great stuff.

One thing that gets me though. I wonder why so many of their vegetables come packaged in clear film and on Styrofoam plates. I am becoming increasingly away at how much packaging is on our foods. I think that will be my next step. Start buying less packaged items (prechopped vegetables and fruit) and start making my own bread/tortillas. That should help cut down our waste. I’ve found a lot of my material that I had stashed all over the house and am organizing it and have plans to make bulk bags for when I go shopping. Oh, and I’m going to make a couple of straw bags so I can safely carry at least 2 of my stainless-steel straws with me always. My next step is to find some cutlery that I can carry with me that isn’t too bulky and I have to find it from a second-hand shop. Any ideas? Going into a city on Thursday and hope to check out their second-hand shops to see what I can find. Wish me luck!

I wish you all peace and happiness. Until my next post (tomorrow).



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