Freegan Ways, Zero-Waste Living

Waste-filled Lives

First thing I noticed today is that my subscription to Office 365 is expired. I’m torn on what to do. I wouldn’t be able to renew until this weekend so I’m considering looking for a free replacement for all my Office 365 programs. Yes, I use these programs a lot but since I am attempting to do away with “unnecessary” purchases (if free can be found, it will be used) I believe that this would be a good start. Can’t call myself a Freegan if I don’t stand by the idea. True?

I’ve also been doing research on different ways to cut down on packaging and the first place that I always look is when I grocery shop. Unnecessary packaging on items that I can make at home. Why buy bread if I have an oven and flour/yeast/sugar/water at home? Granted not making fancy bread but who needs that? What about my produce? My lovely romaine comes in packages of 3. Yes, I said packages (plastic). Why not just get it without the packaging? Unfortunately, when you are on a budget like we are, you must go for the less expensive. I have considered mega bulk purchasing. That’s what I call it anyway when you purchase 25 pounds or more at a time and storing it in food tubs. Only problem with that idea is that I don’t have the room. Hmm. I love cooking and baking. Heck, I’m working on perfecting some recipes right now for my own cookbook. That, unfortunately, can start running into money if I go with the extraneous items for some dishes. But that’s another story.

Anyway, so I searched online for local co-ops or CSAs near me. Yeah, that was highly successful. (*Note the sarcasm.)  I live in a rural area so if it’s tough for me, it’s tough for those who live in much more rural areas. The closest large city is 45 minutes from me. Luckily it has a year-round farmer’s market that a CSA sets up at. I’ll be going there this weekend to talk with them and see if it will work out for me both in joining costs and driving down there every weekend to get my share. I’ll update you after I speak with them. I did find a few good websites if you would like to search for one or the other closest to you.

Local Harvest

Coop Directory Service

Cooperative Grocer Network

Local Harvest seemed to be the best choice for me. But give all three a try and see what works best for your area. Let’s all take a step closer to ridding ourselves of unnecessary packaging and lowering our negative impact on our Beloved Mother Earth.

I leave you with a picture of my gorgeous dinner salad (yes, the lighting was really low) thanks to my joining the #LoveChardSaladChallenge and you really should check out what they have to say. Makes a lot of sense and tastes really yummy. They can be found at Love Chard or on FaceBook at Love Chard Community ( @LoveChardCommunity ).

Peace and joy, my friends.



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