Zero-Waste Living

Can’t Believe Today

Today I want to discuss something I watched on YouTube. It’s a zero-waste challenge starting on 1/16/17. I’m watching more and more videos on cutting down our waste and when I came across @Sustainably_vegan and this challenge I couldn’t help but tell myself that this is what we are going to do. It’s a 30-day challenge on reducing the waste that is created in my life. You can check out her video(s) at Sustainably Vegan.

It’s going to be great. Just keeping track of what I’m wasting (or not wasting) and posting pics. I can do that. This will actually push me forward to make sure that my grocery shopping is more zero-waste. That means making sure I take my bottle(s) of water and my own snacks/meals when I go out. Going to do a dry run tomorrow – have some errands to run with mom. So, join the Zero-Waste Challenge.

Be Zero also has some great tips on how to change to a zero-waste life. Their information can be found on their website from when they did a zero-waste challenge back in June of last year.

Now to the rest of my day. It started early because we were expecting a visitor for mom and they were going to be coming inside. I know that sounds odd. Why wouldn’t a visitor come inside. Well, with 6 dogs that bark at any and all visitors and a couple that like to jump – mom tends to take her visitors on the front porch. Anyway, so we all pitched in and did some extra cleaning (more than usual). Turns out that visitor didn’t show but two others did and they both loved sitting on the porch. At least a few extras got accomplished around the house. That was a bonus!

The first visitor came to check on mom and make sure that she was still happy with her caregiver service (that’s me). Mom said yes even though she did grouse just a touch about me making her clean – my idea was to get mom moving…didn’t care if she cleaned. LOL  The second visitor was a god-send when it came to getting mom signed up with some more medical services that work in conjunction with her Medicare and Medicaid QMB. No cost to her. It actually lowered her prescription costs (which were pretty low anyway) and made a lot of her appointments, of a myriad of types, a zero pay amount. That really did take a load off of our minds, monetarily-wise. We have one more visitor that we are expecting first thing in the morning (the one we thought was coming today) and then off to Waco for her final eye exam and a little grocery shopping. Then over to Clifton for her x-rays.

We have had a very busy and productive day. I wouldn’t have changed it for anything. 🙂

I leave you with a picture of my salad for lunch for my #LoveChardSaladChallenge. It was so yummy! Very smooth and cooling. Peace and love, my friends.



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