Zero-Waste Living

Getting Started

I sat down with my mom and sister the other day and we came up with a plan on how we are going to go about moving towards a zero-waste life. Sort of productive, sort of not. Sunday saw a tornado come through our neck of the woods. No electricity and no phone. That was all the damage we had, we are very fortunate. Not everyone was. A friend of ours had their carport drop in (luckily their vehicle wasn’t damaged), trees all around their home were down and some roof damage. Luckily they were all safe inside. I haven’t heard otherwise so I’m going to presume that there were no lives lost, just property damage. The aftermath was insane. But people around here pitched in and cleared debris, trees and, in one case, an entire mobile home from the road.

Without electricity for a while makes you not want to open your fridge to let your food stay safe for at least 24 hours. Guess what that meant for Monday, January 16th. Not very good on the zero-waste front considering we had to eat out. Wouldn’t you know that I couldn’t even find my straws until afterwards. We at least didn’t waste food. Not to say we were glutinous, we just ate everything on our plates. Now for the plans to make the change.

I’ve since learned that recycling is NOT zero-waste. Hey! Don’t judge, I’m learning. But we are going to recycle what we do have and work on bring less in. That’s a start. So, here t is, our steps:

  • No excessive shopping or eating out (things we really don’t need or can make at home)
  • Recycling what we can because honestly we live in the middle of nowhere and there is going to be some refuse – Once a month
  • Always have our shopping bags in the vehicle
  • On trips that we know are going to run into food time – take our own beverages (we have reusable glass bottles) and our own food (make a picnic of it)
  • Get an upright freezer so that when we go to the farmer’s market and the PYO (pick your own) farms/orchards we can freeze a lot of the fruits and vegetables
  • Grocery shopping once a week (food bank, bulk, specialty, discount stores, and dumpster diving). I’m also working on conserving as much money as I can. The bulk shopping will be twice a month. Dumpster diving will be as needed (2-3 times per week). Farmer’s market and PYOs will be twice a month.Specialty and discount will be on an as needed basis. Food bank will be weekly.
  • The next step towards zero-waste is growing our own food. Saving the seeds from the many fruits that we will be consuming. Saving some dried legumes, hopefully they will sprout. Whatever else we need in the way of seeds we can get from seed swaps or from our local nursery. We will be using so many different types of containers that I’ll be hunting for on and
  • The most important thing though will be to THINK!

Well, those are our steps. The more I can make at home, the better. The more I can repair or reuse, the better. Pictures will be coming with every update. Pray for us!

Peace and love.


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