My Journey

Being Ill

These past two weeks have found me battling sinusitis and cedar fever. Today, I succumbed to it. The migraine that accompanies it was not the nicest though not the worst I have ever suffered through. I slept majority of the day and ate sparingly; oatmeal this morning and potatoes w/beans this evening.

The herbalist in me agreed that I needed something to fight the congestion and provide healing warmth from the inside out. Coffee sure wasn’t doing the trick. I have some green tea packets so I decided that coupled with some fresh ginger slices would be ideal. That truly did help. I’ll be having another large mug before bed tonight o that I can sleep without sinus issues. This time though I shall be using a touch more ginger. Make it work a little harder while I sleep.

I do not normally get cold but when I do, that’s when I know that my system is not functioning properly. The ginger green tea is working wonders for today. Tomorrow I shall be added heat via peppers into my diet so that I can finish burning off this crud that is making me miserable and whiny.

Remember, my friends, that ginger green tea (fresh ginger) is a great way to calm your sinuses. Peace and love.


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