Freegan Ways

Freegan Reigns!

Tonight is a trip to Freegan-land. Dumpster diving to supplement our produce and cut down on our grocery bill for the month. I’m going to start keeping a running tally as to how much we actually save by doing this.Β Tonight’s haul wasn’t as large as I had hoped, but is should be better next time. Didn’t help that I’m not feeling too good.

We did get a good amount of grapes, limes and sweet potatoes. As well as 5 russet baker potatoes, 4 red onions, 1 white onion, 1 small bag of red pearl onions and 1 little bitty Roma tomato. Yes, in the back you do see some chocolate milk. It’s date out was today so it should be good for another 3-4 days (it was still rather cold). My mom is the only one that can drink milk or eat cheese or I would have picked up a couple more gallons of milk. She is not vegan, I am. My sister is lactose intolerant, not vegan. Luckily it is chilly enough with the window open in the kitchen to keep the haul nice and chilled so that I can work on them in the morning.

What is a freegan, you ask? The easiest way to say it is, someone who doesn’t give in to consumerism. These people see consumerism as the main problem for all the waste that is produced daily, whether it be food or anything else that is purchased. There are plenty of definitions that you can find by looking it up online – but that just about sums it up. There are plenty of documentaries on YouTube. Too many to list but you can just search freeganism documentary and watch. There are a lot more people that are more extreme than I am. I’ll only dive for produce from a market dumpster. Plus, I also consider this as a way of zero-waste living or at least getting closer to it.

So I leave you with the pictures from my haul. Peace and love, my friends!


6 thoughts on “Freegan Reigns!”

      1. Going for food products was scary at first. But I quickly got over that fear when I saw all the produce that was thrown away. My first haul was kind of huge. LOL Took me a full day to clean and prep it all. I really need to get a stand-up freezer. LOL

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