Health Updates

Health Update #2

I don’t know what to say. My glucose numbers came down for a couple of days but then I started taking the sublingual B12 that my doctor wanted me to take. My numbers sky-rocketed! I was up in the mid-400s. Well, that form of B12 is going to someone else, for sure.

As for the rest of what I’m doing. I’m at a loss. I’m attempting to remember what I did so many years ago when I first tried ┬áveganism as a way of controlling my glucose numbers. I remember I ate a lot of rice, beans, salads, peanuts, some soda and chips. I even had the occasional “jerky” treat. In the way of fruit, I ate apples mainly. So, I’m hoping to hear back from a friend who was around back then (this was quite a few years ago) to see what she remembers seeing me bring in to eat. Wish me luck.

Exercise was something I did back then. Heck, I even did yoga. I worked the grave yard shift at a local resort hotel and my boss allowed me to do my school work and whatever else to keep myself going just so long as I did my work and helped any customers that came along. That was never a problem. I also made time to meditate and write. Amazing, I know.

So tomorrow is a new beginning of some old ways. Waking up earlier to start anew. Creating a morning routine is going to be interesting. Meditation will definitely be a part of it. I clock in for work at 7:30am, so I figure that I’ll take an hour to get myself prepared for the day. I’m so tired of being tired all the time. I dislike that I’m having to use reading glasses more. So, here I go again. Back to the basics. Back to the beginning. Back to before I had access to all these luscious recipes and before I experimented with my cooking. My pictures and recipes will be of plain simple food. Simplicity. Hmmm – wish me well.


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