My Journey


Hi everyone! I’m back. Did you miss me?

Sucks being the type of sick that isn’t related to a virus or bacteria. My diabetes had gone completely crazy and my B12, as well. Not too deficient but enough that it had such a major effect on my life. Barely any energy to move much less prepare proper meals for myself or the family. I had enough energy/drive to do my job, it’s only 4 ½ hours per day and not too strenuous.

Anyway, I am back on my diabetic medicine to help get my glucose numbers back under control. I’m doing a sublingual (under the tongue) B12 supplement and I’m already feeling the difference. I’m finding that I have more sustainable energy which is always a good thing. I’m also able to cook more. There are some nights where I still only have enough energy for a packet of Nissin Ramen Noodles (Oriental Flavor) but I’m getting there. If you follow me on Instagram (@barbarablunt) or on Vegan Amino (Barbara Blunt) then you have seen some of my more recent lovely food pictures. I think I’m getting better at it.  My weight is staying about the same but what do you expect when you have basically been in bed for almost 4 weeks. I expected to gain weight. I guess the lack of eating helped to keep it down. I don’t recommend that way of weight loss though.

As my energy and stamina increase I will be posting more and more. We are talking small videos, interviews, recipes, journaling, freegan things, etc. I’m sure that y’all get the picture. I have some great ideas and some recipes that I’m perfecting. So, please stick around and enjoy the fun to come. Thank you for your patience, as well.

See you soon! Peace and love, my friends.


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