Zero-Waste Living

Pick Your Own

Let’s talk about something other than my health. Shall we? Let’s talk Spring and getting farm fresh produce. There are several ways to go about getting that fresh farm to table taste. You can go to your local farmers’ market, local market that deals with local farmers. If you want the dirt under your nails, a pick-your-own farm/orchard. These pick your own farms/orchards are a great thing if you are working to go zero-waste. You get only what you know you will utilize and no extra packaging.

There is a great website that I love to go to because not only does it list local pick-your-own farms/orchards it has calendars for what is in season depending on where you live in the United States and tons of great information. For Texas, this is the calendar that they have on their site…

PYO Calendar

So, check out your local farmers’ market to get in-season produce. Also, check for local pick-your-own farms and orchards. What’s fresher than that? Oh, the website? You actually want that information? Sure thing.

Click pic to go to site

May you find this most helpful in your journey to health. Peace and love, my friends.


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