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No Joke – No Spending

*****So, I just realized that this post never went live and I have no idea why. Without further ado, here is the explanation as to why I’m doing this 30-Day No Spending Challenge (self inflicted). Sorry about that.*****

I’m being serious. I know it’s April Fool’s Day (never understood the purpose for this day) but I’m not kidding. I will be doing a personal challenge of 30-Day No Spending. This is going to be interesting.

The reason why I am putting this challenge to myself? I need to figure out where all my money is going. I need a vacation and I need to save the money (something I have a hard time doing). So, what will I pay for? Bills, gas/car upkeep, groceries and shopping needed for my dogs. No eating out, no game purchases, no Audible, etc. I foresee a lot more dumpster diving and freegan ways coming up. I can’t wait to get back on track. To hold myself accountable, again, for my actions and words. To learn to live within a budget again. Heck to learn to live again.

I got this idea from Immy (@sustainably_vegan) from YouTube. I’ll link her videos at the end. She is an amazing woman. She has such a great insight into so many different subjects; zero-waste, veganism, activism. Feel free to follow her and watch all her videos to follow her journey. She has been a great inspiration in so many ways for me.

I will be giving a weekly update and I’ll be honest – promise. It won’t do me (or you) any good if I lie/omit what I’ve done/spent. So, join me on this part of my journey and if you want to do it – join me.

Peace and love, my friends.

Her first video regarding her 30-Day No Spend Challenge


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