Social Challenges

30-Day No Spending Update #1

It’s been one week of no spending except for essentials, which really hasn’t been much except for bills. Several times something came across that I would normally have bought but I restrained myself. Just sucks because they are things that I really wanted!! LOL   I’ll live though.

We did have an emergency come up. Family member in ICU listed as critical and she was supposed to go in for emergency surgery yesterday. Unfortunately, had to purchase our meals and snacks/drinks. The surgeon then decided (after conferring with 3 or 4 other surgeons) that it would be too risky for her to have surgery. One, they were lightly staffed and two, the tumor was almost spider web-like and one wrong scalpel movement and she would bleed out. It was agreed that they would wait and see if she can keep her blood levels up (which would make her more stable for surgery) and do the surgery on Monday. We will be better prepared on Monday to not spend money.

I feel kind of crass mentioning the two things in the same breath. But I feel that is the way it is having to be told. Yeah – still feel like a jerk saying that. We’ve said our prayers for my aunt and we send healing energy and love all the time. This was just so sudden. So, if y’all would keep her in your prayers, it would be truly appreciated.

Peace and love, my friends.


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