Freegan Ways

Dumpster Diving Denied – Wah!


Dumpster Dive – 2 heads of iceberg lettuce; approximately 1 ½ pounds green grapes


Well, it happened. Management came out and asked me not to DD anymore. Of course, what the heck was he doing there at midnight when the store closed at 10 – I don’t know. Nothing like being made to feel like you were doing something wrong by rescuing perfectly good produce from a landfill. I don’t understand our society when it comes to waste. I did manage to rescue 1 hatch pepper, 3 tomatoes and 1 beautiful apple without blemish.

There is so much waste that hits our landfills daily. Are we, as a society, so blind to what is going on in our country – heck, our world – that we would allow people to starve instead of sharing our wealth? It literally hurts to drive by that dumpster (almost on a daily basis) knowing that I’ve been told no. I know what goes in there. It sucks. But I will find another location. I will continue saving foods from the landfills it just may take me a little time to find another location. Though the next closest store is at least 45 minutes away. Either way – Wish me luck!!!

Peace and love, my friends.


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