Social Challenges

No Spend Challenge Update #2

Another week has gone by without any excess spending. Y’all would think this was easy, but it’s not. I’m so used to going to thrift stores with my mom on the weekends. Not that I always buy something but the temptation would be too great. I have done good though. I’ve still got some money in my account and my next payday is coming up this Friday. YAY!

On a similar note. I received a letter from one of my debtors. I’ve paid it off!!! Y’all have no idea how good it feels to me to pay off a debtor from an old credit card. I have no plans on getting another one any time soon. I don’t see the actual need for one since I’m working towards paying cash (debit card) for everything. You know what I mean? The only positive that I can see right this instance for having a credit card would be if I needed to rent a car or something.

I know this update is short but it came with some great news!!! At least great for me. Oh, and I found another challenge that I’m going to do for next month. I’ll fill y’all in next update. Hint though – this new challenge is going to help get me further along on a zero-waste path (sort of like this one is doing).

Peace and love, my friends.

P.S. Sorry I was a couple of days late posting this update.


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