Health Updates

Doctor’s Orders


Today was an interesting day. Mostly due to my doctor’s appointment. We discussed my digestion issues and he has me a little afraid. Gastroparesis and pancreatitis were mentioned. So were insulin injections. Nope, not having any of that. Especially insulin injections. I don’t believe that they work for someone who’s body is insulin resistant. I should figure out what is going on so that it can be corrected.

We did a blood draw so that we can rule out the physical possibilities. I’ve read some on both gastroparesis and pancreatitis and am still going to be reading more because out of the main symptoms that both listed, I am only suffering from one – severe bloating and gas. Luckily, we ruled out cancer (which set mom’s mind at ease) and ulcer (pain is all over my abdomen and not centralized in one area). Also, as part of the blood draw, we are testing my A1C to see if it has improved at all. I believe it has since my numbers are down and have been for some time.

Unfortunately, he has put me on another diabetic medicine, that’s making it 4 medicines now – though I am going to call and double check to make sure that the new one is an addition and not a substitution. We are taking me off Victoza (daily shot) and putting me on Trulicity (weekly shot). Let’s not forget the one thing I’m wary of – a prescription diet pill. Wants me on it for about 3-4 months. During those months, I’m also having to be on a bland diet mixed with an elimination diet. Such fun! Luckily though I can still eat a whole foods plant based way doing that. I just need to figure out what exactly bland means. Does it just mean no rich foods? Does it cut out all spices/seasonings? So much to learn. So much to absorb. So much fear to work through. Once I work through it – I’ll be fine. Until then…

Now to wait for the blood test results.


Okay, spoke with my doctor’s nurse because all this research that I’ve been doing on what I can/can’t eat on a bland diet while he wants me on an elimination diet was going to leave me with barely anything to eat. That was going to be difficult, let me tell you. I also wanted to know if they had the results from my A1C. I like getting good news by the way. Who doesn’t???

First thing she told me was that my doctor changed his mind. He just wants me to do the elimination diet. No bland diet for me. Y’all have no idea how that made me feel. I was grinning from ear to ear (still am). Maybe he realized that being a WFPB eater and wanting me to go bland and elimination was not going to leave me enough food variety to replace necessary nutrients. I don’t know. I’m just glad that he changed his mind.

As for my A1C, that blood draw was taken after I had eaten but I feel it really didn’t have much of an affect. I know it went down, though I don’t remember the first A1C this year. That’s what makes me happy – granted a 10.6 is not a good number, but it is better than it was.

Tomorrow is food bank day and shopping day. Friday begins the elimination diet. Still have so much to learn. I want to make sure that I get this right, ya know? Make sure to follow me so that you can keep up to day with what/how I am doing with this.

Peace and love, my friends.


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