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30-Day No Spend Challenge Update #3

Time for another 30-Day No Spending Challenge update.  Yay?

This week found a lot of unexpected expense. Yes, expense. I saw my doctor and he prescribed me 2 prescriptions. That took $34 I truly didn’t have to spare. Then found out that my car needed oil…another $15. Yep, life lessons/challenges. Just another reason to prove to myself that I do need to start the process of bringing more money in so I can build up a savings.

To save money, we went to the food bank both in my town and in another town. Ours caters to omnivores. I’m not one and my sister can’t eat dairy or nightshade plants. Mom’s the only omnivore and she doesn’t even eat meat that often. So, half of our gains from there went to a couple of neighbors who are having a rough time also. The food bank in the other town is run by Seventh Day Adventists and they are vegetarian. Luckily, I can eat a good amount of what they give us though we do have to watch the expiration dates on some of the items. 😊

So, I would say that the blessings from the food banks have evened out the amount I had to spend. Not my idea of a “no-spend” thing but better than nothing. Lol

Well, that’s it for my weekly update! Until next time – and my final update on this challenge.

Peace and love, my friends.


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