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May Is A Busy Month – Part 2

I’ve already explained about the 28-Day Plastic Purge Challenge that I will be doing next month (May 2017). Now for the other challenge that I’ll be doing.

LBL Challenge from May 1st through May 5th. LBL stands for Living Below the Line. It’s challenging yourself to live below the poverty guideline for those 5 days. In the United States right now, the poverty guideline is at $12,060 for 1 person. For a family of 4 it is $24,600. I’m one person. I live below the poverty guideline right now.  If you want more information on Poverty Information for the United States, please go here.

The actual challenge is to be able to eat for only $1.75 per day. Yes, that’s per day. I know that if you take the amount for 1 person and divide it by 365, you get $33.04 per day. Keep in mind that has to cover your housing, utilities, phone, vehicle, insurance, groceries and any other normal bill that you may have. Housing alone can take up to and including approximately 60% of your pay. The poverty guidelines are based on your income before taxes, FICA and Medicare is taken out.

Since I already live below this line, this should be relatively easy for me. Thing is, I’ve also got debt that I’m paying off and I usually run about $200 in the hole every month. Lovely, huh? Things will change though. I know they will. If you wish to learn more about the LBL Challenge and where it started go to Live Below the Line.

I challenge all of you to do both the LBL Challenge (it’s only for 5 days) and the 28-Day Plastic Purge Challenge. Let me know how you are doing. Share how you have pinched those pennies to eat for less than $1.75 per day. Share how you have made your changes to remove plastic from your life. Don’t worry though, I know that it takes more than 28 days to actually do that but it’s worth the work. I’ll be posting my updates weekly.

Until next time…

Peace and love, my friends.


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