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Final 30-Day No Spend Challenge Update

Last Day!! I did it! Well, except for the unexpected medicine I had to buy but I did it!

This was truly a little tougher than I thought it would be. Especially when I finally got my tax refund from the government and there were/are things that needed to be bought but I waited. The waiting has helped me to think through what is a necessity and what is an indulgence. I believe that I finally understand, yes at the ripe age of 45, the power in waiting on making a big purchase. I think I will do this challenge again. Probably around the holidays. I know it sounds crazy but when the holidays roll around, who doesn’t spend what they don’t have to spend?

Tomorrow starts 2 new challenges. One lasting only 5 days, Living Below the Line and the other lasting 28 days, 28-Day Plastic Purge. I can’t wait. I’ve been discussing these two with my mom and she will be doing the best she can to support me in these endeavors. I did my best to get her to do them with me, she said she would try. The best I could get, I guess.

Now, I’ve been doing some more searching on the Living Below the Line challenge. I cannot get into the website because my browser deems the website as harmful. Don’t know how since I can get into the main page just not the one meant/designed for the US. Interesting. There is a Facebook page that is set up for Living Below the Line (program through Unicef, I believe) and they haven’t posted anything since last year. So, I’m just borrowing from Caitlin Shoemaker (@frommybowl and and her YouTube video on it.

I’ve done a menu for the next 5 days. Not a real menu (never could do that) but an ideas menu. The food I will be eating just not on any given day. I’ll prep some in advance but the rest, since I work from home, will be prepared as time goes. I cannot wait to begin. I’ll share pictures and recipes from this challenge here and on my Instagram, as well as my Vegan (an Amino app).

That’s all for now.

Peace and love, my friends.


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