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My, Oh My

Journal 5/1

This weekend I figured out why I’ve been having such severe abdominal pain. It started when I spoke with my doctor and he put me on an elimination diet. Wow, was I feeling better. No pain, no bloating, no gas, nothing! Then I slipped one night and ate some pretzels. Within 12 hours, I was doubled over in pain at the grocery store just wanting to die. UGH! So, it appears that I have a gluten sensitivity/intolerance.

I was so excited to figure this out that I called my doctor’s office this morning and let them know. It will still take me some time to get that gluten from the pretzels out of my system (still feeling it) but I can’t wait. Then it hit me. No more gluten. None. This is going to make creating a cookbook of my grandmother’s recipes, #veganized of course, really rather difficult. The first recipe I was looking forward to recreating was her tangy pot roast. Kind of hard to do that when you were going to use vital wheat gluten to create the meat substitute. I have a lot of researching to do now to figure out how to replace the glutinous products in those recipes.

I’ve started 2 new challenges today – of which I’ve already shared information in a couple of previous blogs. The Living Below the Line Challenge is not going to be as difficult as I thought since my allergies have decided to kick in and put me off food. But I’m going through with it. 😊 As for the 28-Day Plastic Purge, well, I have just a couple of things that I’m changing on that one. Since I’m working towards a zero-waste lifestyle I can’t justify just getting rid of my storage containers that are still usable. There are a couple of other items throughout these next days that I’ll be figuring out what to do instead of the suggestions (in Part 1 of May Is A Very Busy Month). I am ready though, to have less plastic in my life. Can’t and won’t speak for what my mom and sister will do though. LOL

Well, that’s all I have to say for right now. Next week I will be sharing some of the new gluten-free products that I’ll be getting and giving my review of them. So looking forward to those shopping trips. Until then…

Peace and love, my friends.


2 thoughts on “My, Oh My”

  1. I did one of those elimination diets as well last year. First for dairy and then for gluten, turns out dairy was the problem for me so now I’m trying to minimize the intake. It’s the best when you finally find out what has been causing all your problems isn’t it? Can’t wait to check out some of those new gluten-free recipes (even though I’m not gluten intolerant)!

    Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts and posts with our community of health, fitness and nutrition enthusiasts over at “The Active You”? We’d love to hear what you have to say. You can check us out over at!

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    1. It truly is a blessing to find out what was causing my issues. I was so tired of being unable to move. LOL
      I’m currently working on perfecting my own version of a lentil-walnut patty. As soon as it is, I’ll be posting the recipe and I would love to share with your community! Thank you for asking. 🙂

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