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Living Below the Line Challenge – Day 2

I apologize for this being late, but my allergy medicine just knocked me out last night. I also have a tiny bit of bad news to share. My allergies have gotten so bad that eating sustaining food is not an option. I’m doing good right now to hold water and hot tea. I am, unfortunately, going to have to discontinue this challenge. I know I wasn’t able to do much, but here is what I ate yesterday.


Journal 5-2-17

Day 2 of Living Below the Line and I’ve had some thoughts. I think this challenge was designed for people to living on just the $1.50 a day without benefit of food bank assistance. Thing is, that doesn’t ring truthful to me. Almost every single person I know in my small town go to the food bank to supplement their groceries. That’s what it is there for. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are places that don’t even have food banks or access to food banks. I’m just showing how you can do it when you do have that. I hope that y’all understand what I’m working to show you. We are still a rather poor nation though we are considered one of the richest because of a few wealthy cities. I’ll continue this challenge using the items I am able to use as a gluten-free vegan diabetic. Showing how you can get very filling meals throughout the day. We will work this out together, my friends.

My breakfast was a simple meal of golden potatoes, yellow squash and zucchini sautéed. I had enough left over to use for another meal. 😊

Dinner – another easy meal of rice, pinto beans and some onion.

Total Cost: $0.78

  • Potato – FREE (Food bank)
  • Squash – .40
  • Zucchini – .26
  • Ketchup – FREE (Food bank)
  • Rice – FREE (Food bank)
  • Pinto Beans – FREE (Food bank)
  • Onion – .07
  • Seasonings – .05

Peace and love, my friends.


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