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28-Day Plastic Purge – Week 1

The first week of the 28-Day Plastic Purge is done!!!

I actually found it to be a lot easier than I thought. I did have to make a few changes since I am vegan and working on living a zero-waste life. I do not use cling/plastic wrap that much at all. In fact, I think the box that I have is about 1 year old – at least.  As for a water container, I just went back to using the glass bottles that I was using before. As for recycling (in one form or another) my plastic containers, there’s the rub. When you are working towards living a zero-waste life, you don’t just get rid of something. You use it until it is no longer usable and then attempt to repurpose it. If it can’t be repurposed, then you recycle it or throw it away depending on what the item is. I will continue to use my plastic container until I am unable to.

This next week will be more fun…reminders to do the basic when it comes to less consumption. Will need to talk with a neighbor of mine who has a compost bin to see if I can put my compostable items in with hers. If I do decide to eat out again (which is now a bit more difficult since I’ve found out I’m gluten sensitive), I will definitely take my own containers in case I have leftovers. As for purchasing less and being more mindful, here comes the fun.


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