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28-Day Plastic Purge – Week 2

This past week was interesting. We went up to Arlington for some grocery shopping at a couple of my favorite shops. Hiep Thai for my Asian foods (rice noodles, rice, mung bean sprouts, baby bok choy, Chinese broccoli and a few other things) and Sprouts for my produce and bulk spices. Now, I remember my shopping bags but forgot my reusable bags for all the loose veg, fruit and spices. Luckily the bags that I ended up having to get will be reused the next time I go up there (most likely next month). When we ate out, there were no leftovers so luckily no plastic containers to bring home. Those annoying drinks that you get at the convenience stores? Well, bought a can drink that lasted almost all day so I was good there. Lol

When I have had to get plastic grocery bags (like out shopping in someone else’s car) I use them in our bathroom cans. Nope, not going to empty those out into a bigger can though. Not yet. I personally would love to get a couple of composting toilets. Speaking of composting, I have not been able to catch that neighbor that I mentioned last week at home to ask her if I could put my scraps in her bin. I’m going to keep trying though. Until then, luckily most of my scraps have been edible for my dogs. I am wondering, though, how hard it would be to turn one of my old trash cans into a bin. Going to have to research into that one.

The only bad thing about shopping at the Asian market is the packaging. So much plastic. I’ll figure out that one though. I did make a smart buying decision by purchasing bigger packages so I wouldn’t have smaller ones (creating more plastic waste). My mom had a great idea about reusing that packaging though. Shred the plastic bags and start stuffing them into a pillow case (along with scrap material) to create some pillows for the dogs. I like that idea. Now just to cut down on the styrofoam that my sister brings home whenever she comes home. She has to have that damn crunchy ice and from places that don’t allow you to bring your own container. Need to figure that one out.

So, I would say that, all-in-all, we did good on cutting down the plastic consumption. This is a process, you know. Though mom would love to cut down more, she just doesn’t know how we could do that. Slowly but surely, we will figure it out. That’s it for this update. Keep an eye open for another post coming tomorrow regarding health, eating changes and just a general life update.

Peace and love, my friends.


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