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28-Day Plastic Purge – Week 3

Week 3 has gone by in the 28-Day Plastic Purge Challenge. Do you know what I’m realizing? I already do cut down on plastics but I think I’m more zero-waste than anything. I won’t get rid of something until it is used beyond use. One, because I’m just that cheap/broke and two, I don’t see the sense in getting rid of something that is still useful to either go into a landfill or into someone else’s home. It would be great if more people thought about this and keeping the plastics that they purchase down to a bare minimum. Let’s go over each point for this week of the challenge.

SWEAR OFF MICROBEADS – I’m not even sure if I ever purchase anything (nowadays) that has microbeads in it. LOL

DIY SKINCARE PRODUCTS – This one I need to work on. But I normally just use bar soap to wash my face and body. I need to get back into making my own lotions and whatnot, though.

PHASE OUT PHTHALATES – What the heck? Must have missed that one before. Will have to look closer when I do purchase items. Heck, will have to research what they are and what they are in. UGH!

GET REPLACEABLE TOOTHBRUSH HEADS – Okay, don’t see the sense in this. When I purchase my next one, I’m just going to purchase a bio-degradable one. Much easier.

DIY HAIR PRODUCTS – Uh, except for switching to henna (yes, I color my hair) I’m not sure how I would DIY my shampoo. Not that I haven’t tried before, it just didn’t work out. Any ideas?

SWAP OUT VINYL SHOWER CURTAINS – Okay, this is what my rant earlier was about. I’m not getting rid of something that is still perfectly usable just to have to spend money to replace it. Especially when money is at a premium in my home. Before you suggest it, we only have showers. No tubs.

OPT FOR BAR SOAP – Already do. Going to go back to making my own when I’m done with the ones I have, though. Save money and no extra packaging.

Well, that was it for this past week. When I start making the DIY stuff, I’ll make sure to share my experiences and recipes. Thanks for following along. This next week is the last week of this challenge. Make sure to follow me on here, my Instagram (@barbarablunt), on the Amino app – Vegan and on Twitter (@BarbaraBlunt2).

Peace and love, my friends.


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