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28-Day Plastic Purge Challenge – FINAL WEEK!!

I apologize for the delay. This past week has just gotten past me really rather quickly. The last week of the 28-Day Plastic Purge Challenge just confirmed for me that I’ve been doing pretty good on my own. Though I have had my eyes open to a few items that I will be paying closer attention to in the near future.

BYO GROCERY BAGS – Luckily, I have about 15 miscellaneous size shopping bags that I keep in my truck. Even a freezer bag, though I would love to trade that out for a cooler one day.

MAKE YOUR OWN SODA – I’m not sure about doing this one. I know that I shouldn’t be drinking sodas and when I do I purchase can sodas.

DIY “PACKAGED” FOODS – Well, since having found out that I’m NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitive) purchasing packaged snacks is getting a bit more difficult. I’m learning how to use gluten free flours so I figure it is only time before I can make my own pretzels (my real downfall).

DITCH PLASTIC COOKWARE – Not quite sure about this. Unless it’s talking about old spatulas. Or is it talking about nylon cooking utensils. I’m still working on figuring it out.

ENJOY FRENCH PRESS COFFEE – I really shouldn’t be drinking that much coffee. But there are days that all I want is that gorgeous dark liquid. LOL  Maybe soon I’ll be able to replace that horrid coffee maker for a French press. Especially since I can also use it to make herbal teas.

NO BAGS? CARRY IT OUT BY HAND – I can say, in all honesty, that I have just started doing this within the past month or so. I carry a big enough purse that I don’t always have to carry a shopping bag if I’m just getting a couple of small things. 😊

GET AN ICE CREAM CONE – Okay, I wasn’t the smartest person when it came to this one. It took me a while to understand why this one was on the list because I rarely buy ice cream. I usually only by pints. Then I realized that it makes sense that I shouldn’t purchase those either. Then I found that some of my faves had wheat in them. Really?? Wheat in ice cream? Why? But I digress. I’m back to create nice cream at home so there is no plastic containers at all!

This was the final week of this challenge and I truly have learned more than I thought I would. I will definitely take these lessons into my personal future and attempt to bring them into the lives of my friends and family. Wish me luck. LOL

Do y’all have any other challenge ideas that I can do? I’m also still working on getting a working schedule done for posting my blogs. When do y’all normally read? Let me know. Leave me your ideas/suggestions. I want us to create a community. 😊

Make sure to follow me on here, my Instagram (@barbarablunt), on the Amino app – Vegan and on Twitter (@BarbaraBlunt2).

Peace and love, my friends.


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