My Journey

It’s Been A Long Time

June 18, 2017

Hi folks! I know it’s been a while but so much has been going on around here that just finding time to write, much less research, has been interesting. I truly do not like posting just journal entries all the time. I love to share information, too. If you follow me on Instagram (@barbarablunt), you will at least get a snapshot of what I’ve been eating/cooking almost daily.  If you follow me on Pinterest (Barbara Blunt), you will find a multitude of interesting things there. I am currently attempting to get my Pinterest folders a little better organized. 😊

Today starts a new chapter in my life. Yes, another one. I have no choice but to continue this one because I wish to be as healthy as possible. I always say if you are going to talk the talk, then you better walk the walk. I haven’t been doing that in earnest and for that I am sorry. BUT not anymore. I opened my Cron-o-meter and logged my first foods (my Golden Milk – recipe from Mary’s Test Kitchen). I’m not quite sure what I’ll eat for breakfast yet. Oh, the measuring of stuff. Always fun. Did you catch the sarcasm there?

Let’s talk food – yes, food. That stuff I rarely talk about. LOL  I have come to a decision that is actually kind of hurtful to me (in the pocketbook). I normally shop in about 3-4 markets. I go to the Asian market to get some of my fresh produce and staples (yes, I could buy them from other places, but they are cheaper there). I go to a Middle Eastern market to pick up some of the more ethic staples (cheaper). I go to a bulk store (Winco) to purchase my bulk items (really don’t like paying more than I need to). I go to Aldi because their produce is cheaper and they have less expensive gluten free products. Then, if I must – I either shop at a local (40-minute drive) natural food store or go a little farther to another store. So, here’s the rub. I really don’t like leaving my home that much. So, for some of my staples I order through Thrive Market (an online discount store for healthful eating). They currently have a deal going on for FREE Primal Kitchen Chocolate Almond Bars on orders over $29. I admit to not having tried them, since I’m vegan and whatnot. But for those who aren’t. It’s not a bad deal. Normally a 6-pk of these bars go for around $20, but the member price is about $15. Not bad. 😊

Anyway, back to what I was about difficult decisions. I love a good deal but when produce goes bad within 24 hours and it was sitting on a counter (where it should have been fine), that’s not a good deal. It’s a waste of money. I was so ready to make some pickle slices and the small cucumbers that I got went bad. They were good when we left the store, but apparently just didn’t like my home. Dang it. So, my next trip north is taking a detour into the Asian market to pick up some bulk pickling cucumbers. Have I mentioned I hate waste? So, now what you ask? Unfortunately, our small farmer’s markets around me do not have a lot of variety. In fact, barely any. It’s back to Sprouts for my produce. Not like that kills me, just need to figure a way to get enough produce (and make it last) for 2-3 weeks at a time. It’s going to be fun. Eventually, I’ll get that garden going – that will be cheaper in the long run no matter what. LOL

I think I’ve talked y’all’s ears off enough for one day. I need to perfect some recipes for you guys. I’ve got a decent amount, but most need to be rethought for gluten free. Lol

Peace and love, my friends.


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