Zero-Waste Living

Zero-Waste Realizations

I look around my home every day and the sheer mass of everything just doesn’t faze me. Until tonight. I looked at my trash can when I was cleaning the kitchen. It’s already full and I just took a full bag out 2 days ago. I know that I’m not doing right by the way I want to live. So, this is where I’m making my declaration and vow to move towards a zero-waste life.

By my birthday this year, Dec. 2nd, I will have reduced my waste by 50%. I know of small ways that I can begin – not buying replacement toothpaste is an easy thing. I prefer using baking soda for brushing my teeth. I should finally be finished with the shampoo and conditioner that I have, now to figure out what to replace them with. I use bar soap already. Some of my towels are almost ready to be made into dust rags or dog towels.

For my kitchen… That’s a going to be interesting. I’ve tried alternative methods for cleaning my dishes and nothing compares to Dawn. Plus, I use Dawn to bath my dogs (makes sure no fleas or ticks). I’m going to have to find a way to get that in either a larger container or find a bulk store that I can bring my own container to that has it. As for scraps, we never have meat or bone scraps – our home is basically plant-base, the only scraps I have are of fruits and veg. I need to start a compost heap but I’m not sure where to put it. As soon as that is going, that will take care of that trash. We have a burn barrel for paper/cardboard. Great for roasting vegan marshmallows and burning tree trimmings or downed limbs.

I’m gathering all the clothes that I find, washing them and then checking them over to see if they are still usable or if I can still (or still want to) wear them. If not usable, they go into a stack for re-purposing. If I still want them, then they get put away. If I don’t want them then I either consign them or donate them. The same for my purses, shoes and accessories. Hoping to get my sister and mom to do the same thing. Especially my sister, she has clothing in storage in 2 huge boxes and not enough room in her closet and 9 drawer dresser to put away everything that’s actually here in the house.

These are my goals. What say, y’all? I think it’s pretty reasonable. Start small and keep moving forward, right? I have recently started reading some blogs and watching YouTube videos (again) on zero-waste lifestyle and how some people started. As I read/watch more, I’ll share my favorites.

Peace and love, my friends.


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