My Journey

Want To Know???

Good morning, everyone! Yet again it has been quite some time since I have written. Let’s dive right into the updates, shall we?



You are reading that correctly. My A1C is down and my B12 levels are up. Not a bad turn around since all the eating changes have happened. I still weigh 230 pounds. I have started walking 2 miles every morning. I do have 6 dogs to walk, ya know? I’ll be getting back to meditating every day. I’m also adding yoga to the mix. I was on 4 different types of diabetic medicines and now I’m down to 3.

I credit my improvements to my sublingual B-Complex supplement, eating less processed vegan foods, and eating a Whole Food Plant Based style. That includes me cooking at home 95% of the time. When I’m out shopping for the home (groceries and animals) it is easier to grab a salad or soup then to take a meal since I don’t have air conditioning to help keep the coolers cold. The other MAJOR change to my eating is that I have cut out gluten. I think that truly made a difference in my numbers.

My doctor was ecstatic over my improvements and how quickly they have happened. He even mentioned that I’m looking better. I must have looked like crap before because I think I look bad right now. Then again, I’m always a harsh critic towards myself.


On to the rest of my life. Knock on wood, my finances are starting to straighten out. Hopefully, no more running in the red monthly. Though I have just incurred a major debt but with some leeway on repayment. This decision was lovely enough to grant me a few major anxiety/panic attacks this month. Those are under control and down to a minor one about twice a week.

What brought these on? Easy! At the ripe age of 45, I am back in college. I’m studying Complementary and Alternative Health for my B.A. The next step will be to take any other necessary courses and tests to become a Certified Nutritionist. All of this is to get to my end goal of having a learning farm/animal rescue. It may take a little longer but I will do it!

I thank all of you for your patience in following my life. I have a couple of recipes that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks (must work out a few minor kinks) that I’m sure you will enjoy. Until then…

Peace and blessings, my friends.




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