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Zero-Waste My Way: Waste No Food

Welcome back! I hope that you have enjoyed the aftermath of the Super Bowl. I took the week off to get caught up with regular life goings-on and realized that I had another great post brewing in my kitchen. Food waste! We all have it. We all do it. Does that make it right? I don’t believe so. Think of all the people who may not have access to the food that you do. The ones who go to bed hungry. The ones who go to work carrying the only meal that they may have that day. Think of all the waste that ends up in landfills because we are a society, in general, of waste-makers.

It’s not fun realizing that you create that much waste every day/week/month/year. It’s not fun when you go on a zero-waste challenge and realize that you may be the only one in your family that actually cares about how much you throw into a landfill. I admit that it is easier to slide back into old habits. I’m not Catholic, but I’m going to challenge myself to go zero-waste for the entire time of Lent. Lent begins today, Wednesday, February 14th and ends Thursday, March 29th.  It won’t be just doing away with packaging that I’ll be working towards. It will also include doing away with food waste. That’s what this post is about after all. Doing away with food waste!

I’m sharing pictures of before and after organizing my refrigerator. That’s the first step. Organize your fridge. Know what you have and what you truly need. I found that I had 3 bags of broccoli florets. What was I thinking? So, I’m making vegan broccoli-cheese soup with potatoes and carrots and 2 bags of broccoli. The other bag is going into veggie fritters. I have a package of already cut up cauliflower that I’m going to use to make cheese sauce for my sister (she can’t have dairy or nightshade plants). I also have a whole head of cauliflower. I see cauliflower wings and rice in my near future. I truly had no idea what I had in that refrigerator of mine. I shop for 3 different eating styles so it would make sense that my fridge can get overrun. I can tell you in all honesty that having an organized unit does help me a great deal. I know where everything is and can go straight to it. I even found some items I didn’t even remember getting. They were still good (in jars), so I’ll be coming up with recipes for them. Stay tuned for those upcoming tasty things.

I also have cabinets full of items and a small pantry area that technically takes up a wall and a cabinet above the dryer, but I didn’t want to scare anyone with those pictures. I actually keep those pretty neat (canned goods and all). So, tell me. How do you keep yourself from wasting food by not using it? How organized are you? Come on, be truthful. I won’t judge. I mean, I shared my pictures, didn’t I?

I’m coming to the end of this post. Please, leave a comment and remember to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. You won’t regret it. Oh, and I didn’t forget the pictures are at the bottom of the post.  🙂

Until next time, my friends.  Signature - Edwardian 44pt - Tilt - Pink


Well, here are the pictures.


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